Use this system to archive your 35mm slides
economically and securely

Journal 24 slide cassette
Journal 24 S slide cassette
Journal 24 labeling
Journal-Box JB
AV Box

Journal 12 slide cassette
Journal 12 labeling
Journal-Box JB 12

Journal 67 slide cassette
Journal 67 labeling
Journal-Box JB 67

Report 24 slide archive frames

Journal cabinet system.

Price list:
Ask your local representive.
You can find a list here.

Report 24 is the economical and practical alternative or complement for the Journal 24 system.
Its basic element is the one-piece R 24 viewing frame which hold 24 - 35mm slides.
It is economical, easy to use and access. Slide can be viewed at a glance.
The ten-unit Report 24 pack is just 9 cm (3 3/4“) high with its cover plate.
Slides are secured into the frame’s notches with a slight touch.
The uniformity of their dimensions means that Report 24 is completely compatible with Journal 24, and can be stored in Journal Boxes or any KUNZE slide cabinet.

Report 24 slide archive frames

Capacity: 24 35mm slides, held in place by notches.
The light and sturdy R 24 frame facilitates a quick overview and practical sorting. It can be labelled on all four sides using self-adhesive labels.

The frames can be stacked together, providing a mutual seal for each other. The stack of frames is protected against dust and dirt by the corresponding RDG base or cover plate.
Format: 277 x 214 x 9 mm

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