Archiving 35mm slides:
It’s easy when you use our patented system

Journal Box JB

This box is designed to hold six Journal 24 (J 24) Slide Cassettes. The rigid anti-static plastic has a Leather grain texture on the side panels. Cassettes can be nudged out of the Journal Box through the openings on the closed end. The box adheres to the area between openings.

JB Journal Box - empty
JB/6 Journal Box with six J 24.
Capacity: 144 35mm slides.
Dimensions: 221 x 65 x 279 mm.

Journal 24 slide cassette
Journal 24 S slide cassette
Journal 24 labeling
Journal-Box JB
AV Box

Journal 12 slide cassette
Journal 12 labeling
Journal-Box JB 12

Journal 67 slide cassette
Journal 67 labeling
Journal-Box JB 67

Report 24 slide archive frames

Journal cabinet system.

Price list:
Ask your local representive.
You can find a list here.

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