The Journal cabinet system:
Tried and tested for decades,
state-of-the-art archiving technology.

Top quality right down to the smallest detail.
Definitely the best place for your precious slides.

Wide choice of finishes

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Journal combination cabinets and slide cabinets have been specially developed
for the safe and practical archiving of large quantities of slides, ensuring that you always have an overview.

Combination cabinets can be extended as required ... and can even be assembled into complete wall cabinets.
Your precious slides are even protected when the cabinet is open.

Our light tables are equipped with 50000 Kelvin luminescent tubes ensuring that the colours you see are the colours on your slides!.

The slide cassettes can either be placed in the cabinets just like books…

or you may decide on cabinets with horizontal guides. Each cassette has its own compartment;
labelling is horizontal and easily read.

When ordering combination cabinets and
slide cabinets with horizontal H guide plates, please state which Journal cassette system you want to use.

H 15 H guide plates for journal cassettes
can also be supplied in pairs, so you can
retrofit shelves or cabinets.
15 journal cassettes per H 15 pair.
Dimensions: 250 x 179 x 10 mm.

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