Archiving 35mm slides:
It’s easy when you use our patented system

Journal 24 – quick and easy
reloading for projection:

24 slides from a Journal 24 cassette can be reloaded into a presentation cartridge in under a minute:
Just turn the cassette around so that the rear is to the top and the logos are upside down and then open it.
Start at the bottom left when transferring.

Journal 24 slide cassette
Journal 24 S slide cassette
Journal 24 labeling
Journal-Box JB
AV Box

Journal 12 slide cassette
Journal 12 labeling
Journal-Box JB 12

Journal 67 slide cassette
Journal 67 labeling
Journal-Box JB 67

Report 24 slide archive frames

Journal cabinet system.

Price list:
Ask your local representive.
You can find a list here.

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