Slide archiving:
It’s easy when you use our patented system

Journal 24 slide cassette
Journal 24 S slide cassette
Journal 24 labeling
Journal-Box JB
AV Box

Journal 12 slide cassette
Journal 12 labeling
Journal-Box JB 12

Journal 67 slide cassette
Journal 67 labeling
Journal-Box JB 67

Report 24 slide archive frames

Journal cabinet system.

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KUNZE has patented the unique Journal Cassette for the presentation and storage of slides. The Journal Cassette consist of a rigid two-piece plastic design. The clear plastic is polystyrol, a neutral anti-static material. There is a front and a back cover held together by a tape binding and opens similar to a book. Not only does the Journal Cassette protect against dust and fingerprints, but the rigidity prevents the emulsion from being compressed against the holder during handling. The Journal Cassette also prevents any accidental spills once the fastening strip is secured. Slides are held at a slight angle, therefore, the emulsion never comes in contact with the Journal Cassette. See the cross-section drawing below.

The cornerstone of Journal Slide Archive System is the Journal Cassette. Each cassette is an independent component, convenient for transporting to presentations. Storage can be as simple as putting on a bookshelf to cataloguing in plastic boxes that neatly hold and organize six cassettes. As your slide collection grows, the Journal Archive System can expand to meet your needs. For larger slide libraries, KUNZE manufactures slide cabinets available for use with the Journal Cassettes. Most of these cabinets come with built-in light tables.

The system further contains
shipping and archiving boxes, magnifiers, suitcase lightboxes and light tables.

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