KUNZE combination cabinets
archive your slides in a easily viewed system
that allows for expansion.

CH 135 combination module
with H guide plates.

C 180 combination module
with nine compartments.

CL 130 combination module with compartments, light table
and pedestal.

CF 135 combination module
with adjustable shelf.

CH 180 combination module
with H guide plates.

CHL 150 combination module
with H guide plates,
light table and pedestal.

CSH 336 combination cabinet
with H guide plates and light table.

AC 180 cabinet top storage
with adjustable shelf.

SH 450 slide cabinet
H guide plates and light table.

AH 180 cabinet-top storage
with H guide plates.

S 460 slide cabinet with storage compartments and light table.

H15-Guide plates.
Journal cabinet system.
Wide choice of finishes.

Price list:
Ask your local representive.
You can find a list here.

KUNZE combination cabinets can be supplied fully assembled or, as self-assembled units. They can be combined as required to make complete wall cabinets.You can work at the light tables while sitting comfortably. All cabinets are lockable.

Combination cabinets can be equipped with
H guide plates for horizontal storage of JOURNAL 24 cassettes, and can be specially equipped for

Using compartment bases or compartment division, the combination cabinets are also suitable for upright cassette storage using the horizontal Journal 24, Journal 12 or, when stacked, Report 24. Mixed internal fittings can also be supplied.

Body + edges: Melamin faced chipboard,
MFC: beech finish, white,
pale grey
Edges as required: dove-blue or yellow

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