Useful additions to the KUNZE
slide archiving systems:

KO suitcase light box.
KO/T suitcase light box (not shown).
KO2 double light suitcase.
LP 5001 light table.
LK 5002 light box.
LK 5003 light box.
LK 5004 light box.
JOURNAL FIX Glass-less slide.
change-over frames.

Viewing magnifiers.
Karba-Projector tables.

Price list:
Ask your local representive.
You can find a list here.

KUNZE suitcase light box
made of high-quality hard scuff-resistant ABS material with a simulated leather grained finish. The white insert has a storage and cable compartment with a switch. Two luminescent tubes with 5000°K so you see your slides in their true colours.

KUNZE light boxes
with normal 5000°K light
so you see your slides in their true colours, allowing you to select, sort or arrange your slides or negatives.
Made of black or white MDF
or natural wood (pine), rounded edges.

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